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Meet The Team

Lele Genovesio-Niper

Studio Owner / Instructor

Reiki Master

Certified Frequency/Sound Healing Practitioner

Christy Ratliff

RYT-200, Reiki I

(Beginner Yoga / Slow Flow / Gentle Mat & Meditation / Yin-Inspired Yoga / Workshops)

For years, I embraced a no pain, no gain mentality. With training in ballet, gymnastics, long-distance running, and high impact aerobics, I never thought yoga would challenge me or benefit me in any way. But after developing numerous overuse injuries and experiencing significant personal losses, I knew I needed physical and emotional healing and connection, with myself and others. In my 40s, I finally opened my mind and went to a beginner yoga class. 
Eager to learn all I could, I earned my RYT-200 certification several years later. For the first time in my life, I began to practice self-compassion. I began tuning in to my body and mind instead of tuning out. As my practice deepened, I learned new ways to be present, ease my anxiety, build strength, increase flexibility, as well as manage and often alleviate chronic or recurring pain.

Yoga can be a challenging workout or it can be luxuriously restorative. It can be healing when you're injured, tired, or hurting. It can be empowering when you're filled with self-doubt. When paired with deep breathing, yoga calms the nervous system, quiets the mind, and promotes a sense of peace and tranquility. In my classes, I will meet you and welcome you exactly where you are. I look forward to sharing this magical, healing journey of yoga with you.

Lele is a certified E-RYT 500 YAC Yoga instructor and Reiki Master. Her yoga certifications include Vinyasa Flow (U.S.), Hatha Yoga (India), Aerial Yoga (U.S.), Acro Yoga Lunar Immersion (Puerto Rico), Thai Yoga Body Work (Puerto Rico), and Reiki Energy Healing (U.S.). 
She has been practicing yoga for over two decades, and has more than 10 years experience teaching yoga to adults, youths, and students with special neorological and or physical abilities. Her areas of expertise also include breathwork, and energy healing through vibrational work. 
As a former marathon runner and long distant cyclist, she understands the many ways in which yoga complements every life style. Whether a person is looking to improve flexibility and balance, gain strength, or may be recovering from injury, yoga can always make the path to wellness easier, and Lele loves the opportunity to get you there. 
She is dedicated to expanding her knowledge in these fields, to further her personal practice and ability to help others. 
Her passion for yoga extends well beyond the mat, and this is what makes her a strong, yet flexible instructor, able to make yoga accessible to everyone, no matter skill level or personal goals. She uses dynamic sequencing to engage the mind and body with ease. 
Her goal is to help others develop life long healthy habits that will translate to all parts of their journey.

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